Hi everyone!!! Welcome to She’s EnRoute. 

I am excited to bring you along on this journey with me as I share some of my memorable life experiences. This blog is not to post lavish traveling adventures, although I’ll be excited to experience those too. This is to open you up to the wonderful world we live in and the many beautiful locations that you may have right in your own area. Some of my best life moments thus far have happened within the USA while some have been in other countries.

Traveling is far beyond taking a flight to another country, sometimes it’s crossing the bridge to the next state or even crossing the street to the next city. As long as you are creating a memory outside of the four walls we often confine ourselves to, you are on a journey. I hope sharing my memories and experiences will inspire and inform others on how to make some of their own, and not watch life pass you by. 



 ” WE TRAVEL NOT TO ESCAPE LIFE,BUT FOR LIFE NOT TO ESCAPE US!”                                                                          – ANONYMOUS